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Chateau de Bellefontaine Old

The Pouget Family
the Chateau de Bellefontaine

The Story

Chateau de Bellefontaine

A 17th century Chateau and farm built on vestiges of an 11th century fortress - known then as Chateau de Belles Fontaines in reference to the seven springs that are still active today . Itself was edified on the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa but the springs attracted even earlier human settlements (2500BC) artifacts of which are today in a museum. It was the scene of many medieval battles including being burned down reputedly by Richard II on his return from the holy land as The chateau is on the pilgrim path of St Jacques de Compostelle. Today and still under renovation it brings together a working farm, family residence and a tourist venue. In its recent history - since WW2 -and  as the residence of its present owners it has hosted over the years many guests including members of European Royal families and wealthy and influential North American ones.

The Pouget Family

Depending how far you go back there have been artists, farmers and military men in the family and in 1809 General Pouget was awarded the title of 'Baron of the Empire'. At this time, the Pouget family lived further south however during WW2 the property, in Tours, was occupied and left derelict. It wasn't until after that our family moved into Bellefontaine when the chateau was split between several families. Over time, we bought more and more of the chateau and Baroness Pouget used it as a country retreat for her finishing school, based in Paris, attended by Royal and top aristocrat families in Europe. Eventually the chateau became our main home. When the farmer decided to retire, the farm became the most recent purchase by the current Baron Pouget and it completes the estate. 


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